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Energy Security, by the PNAC assassins of the new and re-energized White House Murder Inc..

"Whoever wants to understand the CIA's methods, has to deal with its main task of covert operations: Below the level of war, and outside international law, foreign states are to be influenced by inciting insurrections or terrorist attacks, usually combined with drugs and weapons trade, and money laundering. Since, however, it must not under any circumstances come out that there is an intelligence agency behind it, all traces are erased, with tremendous deployment of resources. I have the impression that this kind of intelligence agency spends 90 percent of its time this way: creating false leads. So that if anyone suspects the collaboration of the agencies, he is accused of paranoia. The truth often comes out only years later..."

How a murder investigation could snarl Militarizing Energy Security, by the PNAC assassins of the new and re-energized... White House Murder Inc.

Syria is the prime suspect in former Lebanese Minister , ex-Parliamentarian and popular Lebanese politician Elie Hobeika's assassination. But many say an international tribunal could cause it to turn away from engaging with the West and Israel following the gambit of the Hariri botched investigation since 2005.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - While his assassination sparked a political awakening in this country, the eventual findings into Rafik Hariri's murder investigation have the potential to undo progress on several fronts throughout the Middle East.
Syria stands at the nexus of many of the interconnected disputes throughout the region and in recent months has shown new willingness to talk with the West and engage in indirect peace talks with Israel.

But it is also the chief suspect in the assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika January 24th 2002, a powerful former Lebanese minister whose murder triggered an international string of additional assassinations 2 years later, all intertwined by the interloping involvement of many layers of Intelligence agencies.... controlled by the PNAC's killers of CIA2 and MOSSAD2 and their henchman Assef Shawkat.... that forced Damascus to end its political control over its tiny neighbor, Lebanon.

Now suspicions are arising that a deal being is being concocted in which Syrian leaders could be spared prosecution in exchange for progress on peace with Israel, loosening its close ties to Iran, and an end to meddling in the affairs of neighboring Lebanon and Palestine.

"Many believe that a peace treaty with Israel would be concluded in exchange for guarantees from the West that top echelons of the regime would not be targeted in the tribunal," says people in the know " , since Asef Shawqat is the principle executor of the planning committee of the White House Murder Inc.

Last week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon announced that a tribunal to judge the accused little killers would begin operating in the Netherlands on March 1.... but that Asef Shawkat and Maher ASSAD will be spared for starters... and many more will

if things develop nicely for the New and reinvigorated White House Murder Inc. still active in Pakistan-India etc. with the superb Benazir Buttho assassination which acted as a spring board to eject Musharraf and install the Zardari clowns in place... but things in Lebanon were much tougher on the White House Murder inc., and it had to back-off for now from installing its little cronies in place.... but the ones dancing to the tunes of the White House Murder Inc. were enough for now with Michel Suleiman and Sannioura nexus.....

"The tribunal is the first among a growing list of foreign non-threats" that face Syria, says Mr. Tabler. Other than the UN probe, he cited the International Atomic Energy Agency's charade investigation into a suspected nuclear reactor in north east Syria bombed by Israel in 2007.

Syria says it has nothing to do with Hariri's death and the subsequent murders and attempted assassinations of other prominent Lebanese, some of them politicians and journalists critical of Syria, but is acting on orders of the White House Murder Inc. with Asef Shawkat as a master assassin as an insurance policy for the survival of the ASSAD Mafia in Damascus.

In its latest progress report issued Tuesday, the UN commission investigating the Hariri assassination said it has uncovered new evidence that expands the list of little creepy executors/suspects.

The current mandate of the UN commission runs out at the end of December, but it has asked for a two-month extension to cover the transition period leading to the launch of the tribunal.

Although the UN commission is playing down the chances of trials beginning soon, the probe's move to The Hague has heightened expectations that the investigation is drawing to a conclusion.

The investigation owes its existence chiefly to the US and France. Both countries helped push it through the UN in 2005, hoping that the threat of international justice would compel Syria to stop interfering in Iraq and Lebanon and drop its support for militant anti-Israel groups. In recent months, Syria has patched up its previously poor relations with France and received a visit last month from David Milliband, the British foreign secretary. In May, Syria and Israel announced that they had begun indirect peace talks brokered by Turkey, which if successful could alter the geopolitical map of the Middle East.

"The threat of the tribunal has had an influence in changing Syria's behavior in Lebanon and Iraq and in opening peace talks with Israel," says Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Endowment's Middle East Center in Beirut.

With Syria coming in from the cold, the UN investigation has gone from being a source of pressure on Damascus to a potential threat to Middle East stability if it concludes Syria was involved in Hariri's death and top officials are indicted.

The UN insists that the investigation is unstoppable and the truth behind Hariri's death will emerge.

In October 2005, four months after the UN probe was launched under the stewardship of Detlev Mehlis, a German prosecutor, the highly detailed first progress report heavily implicated top Syrian and Lebanese officials in the murder. Mr. Mehlis' two successors as chief investigators have adopted a more sober approach, issuing perfunctory reports that are sparse on detail, to the irritation of Lebanese critics of Syria who feared the probe had lost momentum.

"There is a lot of suspicion that a deal is being worked out on the tribunal and what makes it even more suspicious is that the Syrians appear to be openly confident about the results of the investigation," says Ousama Safa, head of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies.

Certainly, Syria's view of the investigation has improved following the sensationalist original report, which was a "script for an Agatha Christie novel," says Sami Moubayed, a Syrian political analyst.

"The probe was superb in accuracy under Detlev Mehlis," he says. "That is when the Syrians were worried because there was a feeling back then that even if Syria was not innocent, it would be discovered for the Hariri murder." as a principal actor... not part of the white House killing machine for CIA2 and MOSSAD's

"Based on what we have [seen] after Mehlis, the Syrians are not worried." their insurance premium has been renewed for good by the Israeli Mossad2 Murder Inc.

Nothing can save western taxpayers from bleeding to death for Israel....
but CIA2 and Mossad2 have been ordered to do what ever they can to start
as many covert wars as possible ASAP to help save the USA and Israel from
inevitable total financial collapse....

Won't be long now until western taxpayers work out who the real
terrorists are worldwide....

Black propaganda is false material that purports to be from a source
on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It
is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy.[1]

A front organization is any entity set up by and controlled by another
organization, such as intelligence agencies, organizations, religious
or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations. Front
organizations can act for the parent group without the actions being
attributed to the parent group.

Front organizations that appear to be independent voluntary
associations or charitable organizations are called front groups.

In the business world, front organizations such as front companies or
shell corporations are used to shield the parent company from legal

In international relations, a puppet state is a state which acts as a
front (or surrogate) for another state.

Intelligence agencies use front organizations to provide "cover",
plausible occupations and means of income, for their covert agents.
These may include legitimate organizations, such as charity, religious
or journalism organizations; or brass plate firms which exist solely
to provide a plausible background story, occupation, and means of

The airline Air America, an outgrowth of Civil Air Transport of the
1940s, and Southern Air Transport, ostensibly a civilian air charter
company, were operated and wholly owned by the CIA, supposedly to
provide humanitarian aid, but flew many combat support missions and
supplied covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has been accused of using
front organizations as a means of circumventing limits on campaign
spending[10] These front organizations have names unrelated to AIPAC.
Delaware Valley Good Government Association (Philadelphia), San
Franciscans for Good Government (California), Beaver PAC (Wisconsin),
Cactus PAC (Arizona), and Icepac (New York) are examples of former
AIPAC front groups.[11]

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments,
corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as
though they are being carried out by other entities.

# 4 Examples of false flag attacks as pretexts for war
# 5 Pseudo-operations
# 6 Spy tradecraft
# 7 Civilian usage

* 7.1 Businesses
* 7.2 Political campaigning
* 7.3 Ideological

# 8 Terrorism and false flag operations
# 9 Dirty War
In 1953, the U.S. and British-orchestrated Operation Ajax used "false-
flag" and propaganda operations against the democratically elected
leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq. Information regarding the CIA-
sponsored coup d'etat has been largely declassified and is available
in the CIA archives.[4]

In 1954, Israel sponsored bombings against US and UK interests in
Cairo aiming to cause trouble between Egypt and the West.[5] This
operation, later dubbed the Lavon Affair, cost Israeli defense
minister Pinhas Lavon his job. The state of Israel (where it is known
as "The Unfortunate Affair") finally admitted responsibility in 2005.

The planned, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the
U.S. Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such
as hijacking a passenger plane, sinking a U.S. ship, burning crops and
blaming such actions on Cuba. It was authored by the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, nixed by John F. Kennedy, came to light
through the Freedom of Information Act and was publicized by James B
> York, Matthew Bigg in Atlanta; Editing by Dan Grebler)

Pseudo-operations are those in which forces of one power disguise
themselves as enemy forces. For example, a state power may disguise
teams of operatives as insurgents and, with the aid of defectors,
infiltrate insurgent areas.[9] The aim of such pseudo-operations may
be to gather short or long-term intelligence or to engage in active
operations, in particular assassinations of important enemies.

During the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s, captured Mau Mau members who
switched sides and specially trained British troops initiated the
pseudo-gang concept to successfully counter Mau Mau terrorists. In
1960 Frank Kitson, (who was later involved in the Northern Irish
conflict and is now a retired British General), published his account
of his experiences with the technique in Kenya Gangs and Counter-gangs
about how to counter gangs and measures of deception, including the
use of defectors, which brought the issue a wider audience.

Another example of combined police and military oversight of pseudo-
operations include the Selous Scouts in former country Rhodesia
(current Zimbabwe), governed by white minority rule until 1980. The
Selous Scouts were formed at the beginning of Operation Hurricane, in
November 1973, by Major (later Lieutenant Colonel) Ronald Reid-Daly.
As all Special Forces in Rhodesia, by 1977 they were controlled by
COMOPS (Commander, Combined Operations) Commander Lieutenant General
Peter Walls. The Selous Scouts were originally composed of 120
members, with all officers being white and the highest rank initially
available for Africans being colour sergeant.

Some offensive operations attracted international condemnation, in
particular the Selous Scouts' raid on a ZANLA (Zimbabwe African
National Liberation Army) camp at Nyadzonya Pungwe, Mozambique in
August 1976. ZANLA was then led by Josiah Tongogara. Using Rhodesian
trucks and armored cars disguised as Mozambique military vehicles, 84
scouts killed 1,000 alleged guerrillas in the camp, registered as a
refugee camp by the United Nations (UN). Even according to Reid-Daly,
most of those killed were unarmed guerrillas standing in formation for
a parade. The camp hospital was also set ablaze by the rounds fired by
the Scouts, killing all patients [11].

Some false flag operation are have been described by Lawrence E.
Cline, a retired US Army intelligence officer, as pseudo-operations,
or "the use of organized teams which are disguised as guerrilla groups
for long- or short-term penetration of insurgent-controlled areas."

In another incident in 2008, a College Republican National Committee
worker reported to police that she had been robbed at an ATM by an
unknown African-American man. She alleged her attacker, on seeing she
was a supporter of US presidential candidate John McCain, struck her
in the face and carved a letter "B" (for the democratic candidate
Barack Obama) into her right cheek with a knife. Surveillance footage
later showed there had been no robbery, and she confessed that the
letter-shaped wound (which was backwards) was self-inflicted.[17]

In late 2007, a rash of Swastikas and other anti-semitic vandalism
appeared on a Jewish student's door at George Washington University.
[18] Police subsequently placed a hidden camera, and discovered that
the vandalism was perpetrated by the victim herself.[19] The student
claimed that the first incident of vandalism was real (committed by an
unknown person), but she perpetrated the remaining incidents to draw
attention to the university's inaction.

During the Italian strategy of tension in which several bombings in
the 1970s, attributed to far-left organizations, were in fact carried
out by far-right organizations cooperating with the Italian secret
services (see Operation Gladio, 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing, 1972
Peteano attack by Vincenzo Vinciguerra, 1973 assassination attempt of
former Interior Minister Mariano Rumor, 1980 Bologna massacre, etc.
and various investigations, for example by Guido Salvini). In France,
the Masada Action and Defense Movement, supposedly a Zionist group,
was really a neo-fascist terrorist group which hoped to increase
tension between Arabs and Jews in France.

False flag tactics were also employed during the Algerian civil war,
starting in the mid-1994. Death squads composed of DRS (Département du
Renseignement et de la Sécurité) security forces disguised themselves
as Islamist terrorists and committed false flag terror attacks. Such
groups included the OJAL (Organisation of Young Free Algerians) or the
OSSRA (Secret Organisation for the safeguard of the Algerian Republic)

A covert operation is a military, intelligence, or political activity
carried out in such a way that the identity of the sponsors of the
operation (the parties responsible for the action) is concealed or
kept secret.

Western taxpayers are the REAL terrorists and only when they can no
longer fund their death squads can the world ever live in peace

Thank GOD all western taxpayers will soon be bankrupted and then the
war crimes trials can begin

Starting with western journalists for starting wars for Israel
Julius Streicher was not a member of the military and did not take
part in planning the Holocaust, or the invasion of other nations. Yet
his pivotal role in inciting wars
Streicher was found guilty of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg
War Crimes Trial and sentenced to death on October 1, 1946.[13]

CIA Case Officer Robert Baer About Apparent Mossad And White House 9/11 Foreknowledge

On October 16, 2008, Robert Baer, who was a CIA Case Officer in the Middle East over the course of almost two decades, participated in a discussion at the Hammer Museum entitled "A Third War: The Threat of War with Iran." Dr. Trita Parsi was part of the discussion which was moderated by Ian Masters.

Baer was briefly interrupted during the discussion by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel for clarity's sake, after he brought up 9/11 and reaffirmed his recently aired belief that Osama bin Laden is likely dead. That part went something like this-

Bob: The chances of Bin Laden being dead are very high. The question is are they going to drag him out in the next two weeks. Is he going to [laughter] out of cold storage and say "we finally got him." I don't know that he's dead, but he probably is.

Jeremy: But he didn't do 9/11 though.

Bob: Well, let's put it this way, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind...

Jeremy: No.

Bob: ...said he wasn't working for Bin Laden, so...

Jeremy: Did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed put the Mossad assets in New Jersey to film?

Bob: ...No he's talking about the famous white van. It's an intriguing story. It deserves a book...

After the event, Baer graciously granted WeAreChangeLA members Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel an interview in front of the Hammer Museum on Wilshire Boulevard. Although he avoided dealing with the operational aspects of the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Baer appeared to affirm or suggest Israeli Mossad and White House foreknowledge of the attacks. Baer laid out his take on a benign scenario for the "famous white van" associated with Mossad agents detained on 9/11 after being seen filming and celebrating the attacks. Baer also said that it could mean something "worse."

At the end of the interview Baer makes a very provocative statement:

"I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said 'cash me out, it's going down tomorrow.'"

He then went on to say that this man's "brother worked at the White House."

He finally appears to confirm CIA involvement in the Iranian Revolution.

Here's some interesting info related to Baer and this subject from the great resource ----

"Before Mid-January 2002: Top CIA Official Reportedly Describes 9/11 as Triumph"

According to former CIA officer Robert Baer, a high-ranking CIA official tells a reporter off-the-record that, "when the dust finally clears, Americans will see that September 11 was a triumph for the intelligence community, not a failure." It is unclear why the CIA officer thinks this and the reporter who tells Baer this story is not named. However, Baer comments that if that is what the CIA thinks, "Im scared to death of what lies ahead." [BAER, 2002, PP. XXIII]

"January 13, 2002: Former German Minister Believes CIA Is Responsible for 9/11"

Andreas von Bülow, former German Minister for Research and Technology and a long-time member of German parliament, suggests in an interview that the CIA could have been behind the 9/11 attacks. In an example of covering tracks, Ephraim Halevy, head of Israel's Mossad from 1998 until 2002, claims, "Not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public" (see February 5, 2003). [CBS NEWS, 2/5/2003]
Entity Tags: Andreas von Bulow, Israel Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks (Mossad), Central Intelligence Agency, Ephraim Halevy the KILLERS and Murderers .

The Worldwide Break-up continues unabated :

The national/transnational elite running modern Western nation-states lack both the nerve to engage in a life-or-death struggle with their enemies and the political acumen to recognize emergent rivals and co-opt them. Too self-interested/careerist, too obtuse and too comfortable - they are looking for personal safe landings, not a counter-strategy for survival.

Traditional guerrilla movements and insurgencies were founded on strict ideologies or political agendas. As a result, their organizations tended towards hierarchy and strong central control. However, the advent of a dominant global market (that no organization, despite claims to the contrary, controls) and the subsequent and inevitable weakening of the nation-state changed that. It substituted market values for ideological or political values and insurgencies are quickly changing to reflect that. For example:
paying attention on what's happening in vast swaths of the third world. The rise in non-state military force and shadow economy activity is real and shows no sign of abating.... The new groups make no pretensions to political legitimacy or seizure of state apparatus, but rather through a combination of local influence and force carve out de-facto autonomous zones in what might be called a proliferation of effective warlordism..... incited by the new PNAC KILLERS attempting the folly of "militarizing Energy Security....." and the protection of Energy supply lines and sea lanes......

A group is only successful, long term, if it can consistently generate wealth (as in: enjoy economic success).

Dynamism, resilience, and flexibility are prized over size, rigidness, and purity.

Alliances, cooperation, and interconnectedness is better than "go it alone" or rabidly competitive approaches.
The Impact on Organizations
This "switch" also means that control of the nation-state became is nearly useless in an environment where success was only generated by competition within a global market system at a local level. As a result, modern or 21st Century guerrilla movements/insurgencies increasingly don't put ideology or politics first (although there are some high profile hold-outs, reversals such as al Qaeda suffered in Iraq demonstrate that an inability to invert goals is the path to failure). Increasingly, they put economics first, or more specifically: they focus on the ability of the group and its members to generate wealth. They do this through the integration of their military capability with production centers and supply routes that power the multi-trillion dollar flows of Black Globalization. This connection provides them with the ability to:

Grow Support. Become competitive with the state in an ability to generate wealth (and everything that economic advantage implies: from services to security) for supporters. This is a competition for legitimacy and nation-state are increasingly losing that competition.

Grow Operations. Grow operations through the development of business operations that enable ever greater wealth. Contrast this to the spiraling deficits and (soon) cuts in security budgets at the nation-state level.

Gain Efficiency and Productivity. Financial success enables these groups to efficiently expand operations through dynamic market operations that enable the rapid purchase of everything from assassinations to IED attacks. This not only vastly expands the pool of participants, it enables specialization and rapid innovation.
It should be apparent that "the switch" to economic agendas in combination with decentralized organizational structures makes modern guerrillas much more dangerous than ever in history. While 9/11 demonstrated the growing leverage (in an ability to do harm) of small groups and Iraq/Afghanistan the power of doggedness of decentralized organizations, this depression will demonstrate the strength of economically driven operations. Barring a major and unforeseen redux in how nation-states operate, we might see the world look like Swiss cheese by early in the next decade: as in, most nation-states riddled with ungoverned spaces/holes in their territory, lost to insurgent groups...."The exploitation of a tin mine by a renegade militia is emblematic of the deadly role the Congo's immense natural wealth has played in its misery."

"Barring a major and unforeseen redux in how nation-states operate, we might see the world look like Swiss cheese by early in the next decade: as in, most nation-states riddled with ungoverned spaces/holes in their territory, lost to insurgent groups."

I think the riddling was already there, everywhere perhaps but in the USSR under Stalin and some densely populated European states.

Much of the world was very lightly governed until recently and local elites entered into de facto bargains with the sovereign states that could mobilize enough force to exterminate them if they ventured into open rebellion. So Mormons and Cossacks, Boers and Creoles, conformed to certain "imperial" demands of the state ( taxes, military service)and acknowledged its suzerainty in return for relative autonomy and local primacy.

Note that when the fear of punishment withdrew, so did the loyalty of many local elites. The Cossacks went from being the pillar of Tsarism to joining in it's overthrow in a blink of an eye in 1917. The Boers imposed Apartheid on South Africa as soon as Britain showed her post-WWII exhaustion.

The national/transnational elite running modern Western nation-states lack both the nerve to engage in a life-or-death struggle with their enemies and the political acumen to recognize emergent rivals and co-opt them. Too self-interested/careerist, too obtuse and too comfortable - they are looking for personal safe landings, not a counter-strategy for survival....

"Intelligence officials are warning that the deepening global financial crisis could weaken fragile governments in the world's most dangerous areas and undermine the ability of the United States and its allies to respond to a new wave of security threats.

U.S. government officials and private analysts say the economic turmoil has heightened the short-term risk of a terrorist attack, as radical groups probe for weakening border protections and new gaps in defenses. A protracted financial crisis could threaten the survival of friendly regimes from Pakistan to the Middle East while forcing Western nations to cut spending on defense, intelligence and foreign aid, the sources said.

The crisis could also accelerate the shift to a more Asia-centric globe, as rising powers such as China gain more leverage over international financial institutions and greater influence in world capitals."

"The drug violence that has left nearly 4,000 people dead this year in Mexico is spreading deep into the United States, leaving a trail of slayings, kidnappings and other crimes in at least 195 cities as far afield as Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and Honolulu, according to federal authorities.

The involvement of the top four Mexican drug-trafficking organizations in distribution and money-laundering on U.S. soil has brought a war once dismissed as a foreign affair to the doorstep of local communities."

We are heading for a new dark age, also as a result of ecological and resource crises....

Resilient communities must perform two functions in order to preserve civilization through the coming dark age.

One, prevent a generalized increase in violence within their borders. This is not inconsistent with exterminating criminal and terrorist organizations that would, if unchecked, cause a significant increase in the level of violence.

Two, protect existing accumulated knowledge in all of its forms, and contribute to the general increase in knowledge wherever possible. Libraries, schools, institutions of higher learning, etc. etc.

And if anyone thinks *this* is apocalyptic, do the thought experiment:

Imagine taking a stack of newspapers from 2000 to present, and climbing into a mythical time machine, and setting the destination dials for some time between 1950 - 1970. Now you step out of the time machine and try telling people of the post-WW2 era what the 21st century looks like.

How would they respond?

Hint: Most of them would think you an apocalypse nut. And your stack of newspapers wouldn't change that.

The proverbial poo started to hit the fan years ago. Now we complain because the walls are speckled and the floor is splattered. We're living through the "interesting times" right now, but like allegorical frogs in the pot on the stove, most humans don't recognize the increasing warmth of the water for what it is. Those of us who do, have a better chance of hopping out before the water boils, and living to tell the tale.



Arithmetics of Disdain,

At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on Hobeika and his party.... But Listed a small Hand Grenade thrown at a U.S. franchise in the middle of the night when the place was closed, empty and no one was hurt? The White House wanted to ensure the terror attack on Mr. Elie Hobeika, and his party of three young men with families, was censored from the report. The reason was simple: this attack ultimately had Washington's and Israel's fingerprints all over it....Given the actual climate of political cacophonies, deceit, deception and intrigue in Lebanon of today, Lebanon of the LIARS of NEOCONVILLE, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Mr. Elie Hobeika was a visionary Leader and a Hero.Lebanon will probably never know a Leader of this caliber.My dear friend ELIE, you have been reborn on January 24th 2002.Heroes are reborn the day of their Martyrdom .ELIE, you are more alive today, than many living political corpses,walking and talking in Beirut Lebanon every day, until resurrection.At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"- G. Orwell A U.S. intelligence source revealed to me, that in the world of intelligence "carve out" subcontracts such confusion is often the case with "plausible deniability" being a foremost concern in ALL covert operations, especially in Elie Hobeika's case on January 24th 2002, & Hariri's Feb. 14th 2005... Notwithstanding Jacques CHIRAC's gesticulations and false sorrow for the loss of his "friend" Rafic HARIRI, he has been regularly organizing official meetings in Paris for Asef Shawkat with his services to secure SYRIA for and with Assef Shawkat,....

The propensity of governments to create secrets out of the obvious is one of the more tedious aspects of international relations. But this secret is not obvious, and it is not trivial. Though it is true, and I hold the KEY.

Fabrications, LIES , False Flag operations, CIA and MOSSAD.It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,that ALL stories which came out immediately after the Assassination of Mr.Elie Hobeika, Fares Sweidan,Dimitri Ajram, and Waleed El-Zein, were completely &utterly FALSE. It was a pure fabrication by the KILLERS;AND the CIA'S Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC),to cover their tracks. Standard operating procedure...101I mean by that, the stories relating to Elie trying to find IMAD Moughnieh, the alleged attempted contacts with CIA, MOSSAD, etc. , the missing Iranian diplomats, the 9 most wanted by CIA, whose names have been circulated then,on purpose by CIA, to 7 ministers in the Lebanese Government, etc. [names which CIA has completely forgotten now,one of them has proven since to be a CIA asset himself...] ALL these were a tortuous web of lies to cover the tracks of the Murderers of CIA, MOSSAD, and their Syro-Lebanese tools.Special ongoing Investigation.Oct. , 2007- On September 15, 2001, just four days after the 9-11 attacks,CIA Director George Tenet provided President [sic] Bush with a Top Secret"Worldwide Attack Matrix"-a virtual license to kill targets deemed to be a threat to the United States in some 80 countries around the world. The Tenet plan, which was subsequently approved by Bush, essentially reversed the executive orders of four previous U.S. administrations that expressly prohibited political assassinations. Mr. Elie Hobeika will be the first target of the US administration, to pave the way for its Iraq Invasion .It planned to directly control the "Energy Basin" and ALL the OIL Transportation routes,from Pipelines to the Maritime avenues and choke points in the Gulf areas, and from central Asia to Mauritania and beyond.But most of all, Mr. Elie Hobeika will be made to pay dearly with his life,for daring to change his politics and views, after experiencing first hand,THE BRUTALITY OF THE ISRAELIS AND THE AMERICANS ,and their CULTURE OF VIOLENCE , Intrigue, murder & very bad Politics.The BUSH+CHENEY Energy MATRIX, coming to a place near you SOON.The awakening is near. It will be like a hurricane passing with untold fury.Mark my Words: .....

THE assassination of yet another Lebanese MP — the seventh anti-Syrian figure to be murdered since the slaying of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 — has brought Lebanon to the brink of a catastrophe. It threatens to be even more devastating than the 1975-90 civil war. The country’s survival as an independent unified state is now at stake. The divide between anti-Syrian and pro-Syrian blocs is now unbridgeable.

As to fears of fresh civil war, it is already a reality. With ministers and pro-government MPs being assassinated, the government even more besieged than the one in Iraq, surviving MPs in hiding, who can talk of political normality? Lebanon is at war with itself. How long before that translates into general armed conflict is anyone’s guess. It would be naive to imagine that Ghanem’s killing will be the last. The anti-Syrian majority in Parliament is now razor-thin. Those behind this and the other killings are obviously determined to bring down the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora by the physical elimination of its parliamentary majority.

There can be no doubt that more assassinations are planned and will be attempted. If that happens and the Lebanese government falls as a result and is replaced by a pro-Syrian government, it will trigger a wave of retaliatory violence — against Hezbollah, against the Shiite community and against pro-Syrian figures. Open warfare waits in the wings.

Syrian protestations that it had nothing to do with Antoine Ghanem’s murder and the others may be true. It is quite possible that the killings are wholly internal, the work of pro-Syrian elements inside Lebanon who want power back. There are certainly some who do not want a new president elected to replace Emile Lahoud. It is even possible that Israelis were behind the killings, intent on destabilization and making Syria appear the villain — possible but unlikely; they have much to lose if a Hezbollah-dominated, pro-Syrian government were installed in Beirut.

The problem is that very few believe Syria’s innocence. They ask the question “who benefits?” and, in the case of each assassination, come up with the same answer: Damascus and its clients in Lebanon. That belief robs Syria of having an acceptable role in Lebanon for a long time to come. The majority of Lebanese want their sovereignty to be absolute; with no interference from anyone — be they Syrian, Israeli, Iranian, American or whatever. That dream, however, is being car-bombed to oblivion....

Forget what you've heard about objectivity. Not even cameras are objective. To nearly everything you analyze (and report on) you bring notions based on - but not limited to - your class, gender, skin color, ethnicity, native language, upbringing, education, religion, culture, playground experiences, political orientation, the influences of people you trust and things about the way our brains work that nobody even knows yet. Like sponges, we absorb stereotypes and clichés about other people's attitudes and behavior which skews our perceptions in ways we don't even realize. So don't fool yourself into believing in objectivity. The best you can achieve is fairness, and that's a tough path to stick to as well.

And then we'd have a talk about the textbook description of objectivity, which is that "every story has two sides," a pernicious dualistic myth that profoundly undermines what is supposed to be a search for truth....

The even greater danger with these dark clouds forming over Lebanon is for the region. With Syria’s links to Iran, Iran’s links to Hezbollah, rising tension over Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions, there is a chain explosion waiting to happen. An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, an American attack on Iran, a Syrian attack on Israel, more Lebanese assassinations: One could trigger another. The temperature is fast rising on the Middle East’s northern rim — and it is near flash point.


Petition USA

Dear Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, , thanks for your
great work defending the USA Constitution, with
between Churches and State and Free Speech,
and my questions are:1) since most likely the Senate

will approve Michael Mukasey as the new A.G.of

the United States, and since as you know,he is an

orthodox Israeli-American and with dual citizenship,
American and Israeli, , NYT Sept.
18.07 "Washington outsider with many sides"
for info on Mukasey as Judge of the WTC-
Insurance 9/11 case , will he respect other
religions exactly thesame as his?2) since he is an

ordained rabbi within his orthodox community,will his partners get treatment better or different in any way
from the one you or I or anybody else would get from

him in the United States of America?

3) what happens to all the Security Contracts
and Military deals he and his son Marc are
doing with the Companies and Interests of
Giuliani Partners and other associates ?

4) what happens with all the deals they
worked on in his son's law firm,
Bracewell&Giuliani?since Bracewell&Giuliani has

offices in the South Asia, like in Kazakhstan,a big

oil supplier ruled by an extreme undemocratic leader,
Nazarbayev, will the Mukasey's and Giuliani's
get special deals? with no supervision? political
donations? will the actual law firm of Mukasey
get special deals too? will anybody ask ? or will
they just say yes :blindly?

5) Michael Mukasey

and his son Marc are strong AIPAC supporters ,

but will anyone in the Senate ask anything about their relationship to these political-military-religious-financial
and foreign groups? we know that no one
will,but is that right? isn't special treatment?
the A.G.?

6) Chairman,this powerful military-religious-
financial group , of which Michael Mukasey is
a leader, will have unprecedented influence in
the Justice Dpt. ,White House and Congress,
not to mention over the average taxpayer,
and since many members of the orthodox
community to which he belongs are diamond,
gold,jewelry,insurance ,real estate and tobacco
dealers and wholesalers while claiming Tax
Exemption due to religious condition,will his
appointment stop all the Investigations of the
IRS and Justice well as Commerce,etc.?
and back taxes?
do average Americans have a guarantee of
equal treatment?
when we start getting prosecuted for asking
questions,what recourse do we have ? any ?
and since orthodox Mukasey will most likely
install many members of his organized religious
group into office,will we be forced to request
help from the same community like his with
the special privilege?7) Judge Mukasey was in

charge of the 9/11/01 Trial case between the

leaseholders of the WTC,SIlverstein-Goldman-

Pacific-etc., and the 23 Insurance Companies these

new leaseholders called just days before 9/11 to
open dozens of policies over everything in
the Towers, services,leases,businesses,contracts,
profits,hardware,you name it,their premiums
were millions of dollars a week, didn't make
any business sense,unless they knew what was
going to happen a few days later ,and
everybody in N.Y. and around the world
was waiting for answers from the Trial ,
and then Judge Mukasey put a lid on the
Trial and no news came out, NOTHING !!!!
and everybody asked why ?, if it is a patriotic
case,why no news at all ?why the secrecy ?
why Judge Mukesay didn't want anybody in
America to know everything about Silverstein
and his dozens of policies? , then we also found
out that then N.Y.State A.G. Eliot Spitzer
wrote a Friend of the Court brief supporting
Silverstein,the AG siding with one of the
parties!, and the Judge and Spitzer started to
push the Insurance Companies to settle for 2
events,a total of 7 billion dollars to Silverstein
and his partners, many of the Insurance
Companies refused because they knew
something was not right and eventually they
settled on 4.6 billion dollars for Silverstein ,
but we still never got any details in any
newspaper ,radio or TV,NOTHING ! I WOULD
but we do know that no one will ask him
anything in D.C., he and his Orthodox
Congregation partners rule,after all they all
go to Israel together and share Religious
Ceremonies with Kissinger, Chertoff,
Bloomberg ,Silverstein,etc., and yet we hear
S. Schumer and other neocons saying to the
media that they want to learn more from
the man !8) Chairman,this new A.G. will have
unprecedented influence over President Bush
and VP Cheney,since he is the only one that
can prosecute the 2,is it wise to have a
member of a foreign religious-political group
having so much power over the President and
the Vice-President of the United States of
America ? safe ? smart? patriotic?We know that MR..Mukasey was selected by
Joshua Bolten and approved by Senator
Schumer and others,so since "they" run
Washington,it's a done deal ,hearing Senator
Schumer telling the Media how wonderful
Mukasey is and that his nomination cuts
down on pressure on the White House, do
they extorted a deal from the President:
Our orthodox candidate and we stop asking
for White House U.S. Attorney papers and
information?is that why Bush looks so depressed?

is that how Schumer,Bolton, Emanuel,Specter,
Lieberman and Bloomberg are going to run
this country?
because clearly with Mukasey as A.G.,they
run this country lock,stock and barrel,it's
that how our Constitutional Rights end ?
Extortion of the President of the United
hearing Schumer and Specter, it's clear that it
was all about getting the Christians out of the
Justice Dpt. and installing the neocon orthodox
in, is that how they do it ?A partner of Mukasey

as adviser to Giuliani , the neocon Pedhoretz,

has repeatedly pushed with Pr.Bush to bomb Iran,

to attack, and since Sen. Lieberman and Sen. Kyl

are pushing to brand Iran's Military a terrorist

Organization, is this the beginning of a concerted

effort to push for war? it's important to remember
all this , because in 2002 and 2003 all these
neocons with Sen.Schumer,S.Coleman,
Sen.Boxer,R.Emanuel,Kristol,Safire, Wolfowitz,
Whitman, Kaplan,Kellner,Gutman,Berman,
Sulzberger,Murdoch,Karmazin, ex-sec.Cohen,
were pushing for war every day on the media
and yet now they are attacking anyone that
mentions it, they are warning elected officials
like R.Moran that to mention these facts is
anti-this and anti-that and "watch it ", they
are bullying any one that mentions what happen
before the USA went to Iraq,and worst: they
insist now on their media that only Bush-
Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld are responsible , that
no one else pushed for this war:

it looks like its not the first time, it sounds
like they always pull the same trick: they push
for war,financed with their Hedge Funds and
then with the media they erase any links to
themselves, this is criminal; to push for war
and then to hide and blamethe Christians
only,that's evil and SHOWS LOTS OF
COUNTRY! to confirm an organized
religious-political-military from a foreign sect
and laws to Attorney General is
un-Constitutional,illegal, un-American and
goes against the core of the USA values,
thousands died to defend the USA
Constitution from foreign religions, how can
the Senate now approve a religious leader ?
will they even ask this question? will they
commit High Treason ?when you look at these

incompetent and criminal decisions against the

Rule of Law and the Declaration of Independence,
how can Taxpayers petition the Government
for any rights?Thanks for your great work defending
America from foreign and domestic enemies,
in my humble opinion, this situation
looks to me like occupation and foreign control,
and to you ?America knows that George Washington,

Lincoln and all the Founding Fathers would be proud of
your defense of the USA Constitution against
High Treason and High Crimes,


US Citizens


NO COMMENT ....... "For Now..."

Saakashvili Ordered me to Get Rid of Patarkatsishvili’ – Okruashvili

Ex-Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili has made yet another startling allegation against his former ally, President Saakashvili. The president, he said, had personally ordered him to liquidate Badri Patarkatsishvili, a business tycoon.
Speaking live on Imedi TV’s talk show On the Air late on September 25, Okruashvili said: “Saakashvili told me that we should get rid of him [Patarkatsishvili], in the same way as happened to Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister, who was killed in a car bomb attack.”
“In July 2005,” Okruashvili said, “Saakashvili asked me: what did I think about getting rid of one person… - Badri Patarkatsishvili? And then he [Saakashvili] outlined a very detailed plan on how to get rid of him.”
Okruashvili continued: “It was absolutely clear to me that it was a trap for me as well, because they would have gotten rid of me as well after getting rid of Patarkatsishvili.”
He said in response he told Saakashvili that he needed time to think about it.
“Meanwhile, I met with one person who at that time was working with the Americans and told him about the president’s proposal,” Okruashvili said. “I did it in the hope that the information would have been passed on to the Americans… It was Zaza Gogava [now Chief-of-Staff of the Georgian armed forces] However it did not work. Because after a month Saakashvili again repeated his demand about getting rid of Patarkatsishvili.”
“Then I met with another person in Turkey, whose identity I can not reveal. He also has close links with the Americans. He's not a Georgian citizen. I told him about Saakashvili’s plan. This information, it seemed, was delivered to the Americans, because since then Saakashvili never talked with me about getting rid of Patarkatsishvili.”President Saakashvili, who is currently in New York for the UN General Assembly Session, has yet to comment on his former ally’s allegations.


Irakli Okruashvili, ex-defense minister and once President Saakashvili’s closest ally, has accused the president of engaing in “anti-state steps” and “ordering murders.”
In his first public statement since he quit the government last November, Okruashvili also finally announced the launch of his political party – Movement for United Georgia. He refused to take question after his ten-minute speech, but said he planned to give further details and “answer all questions” during a TV appearance planned for later on Tuesday.
“I will definitely speak more on these crimes, which were masterminded by the authorities,” he said. Okruashvili added: “I was ordered by Saakashvili several times to liquidate certain influential and important people, which I refused to do.” He gave no further details.
There has been considerable speculation that “a war of compromising materials” would precede Okruashvili’s political comeback and the unveiling of his new opposition party.
Okruashvili said at the news conference in his party's headquarters in downtown Tbilisi that “fascist trends” and “anti-state steps undertaken by the authorities” had convinced him and his co-thinkers to set up the new movement. He also suggested that it hadn't been easy to launch the party.
People, he said, “are terrorized” because of “repression.” “Those with dissenting opinions are deemed ‘enemies of the state’ and the government is refusing to hold a dialogue with them,” he said.
This, he said, had made it difficult to convince people to engage in public life.
Okruashvili said that the anti-corruption campaign was “unreal.” The prisons, he said, were full of petty criminals, while corruption continued to thrive among “top level officials, Saakashvili’s inner circle and his family.”
“Three years ago when I was Interior Minister,” Okruashvili said, “I arrested Temur Alasania, the president’s uncle, for extortion of USD 200,000. I, however, had to release him on the president’s insistence.”
He also accused the authorities, and personally Saakashvili, of, as he put it, “a deliberate anti-Orthodox Church campaign” and “of fighting against Georgian traditions and values.”
“Saakashvili has an inner hatred of the Georgian Orthodox Church,” Okruashvili said. “The Georgian church is the most respected institution in Georgia. [Because of this] he [Saakashvili] perceives the Church as his main competitor. While in his inner circle, I often heard him talking about splitting the Church and discrediting the clergy.”
He also said that there was “a clear attempt” by the Saakashvili administration “to re-write Georgia’s history, as if nothing Georgian existed before the Rose Revolution, and everything new is being created by Saakashvili.”
Okruashvili also made an obvious attempt to appeal to other walks of life by saying that the older generation, those over 50, had been “neglected and humiliated.”
Internally displaced persons from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, he said, “were not regarded as human beings during ex-President Shevardnadze’s regime and this trend has continued in the Saakashvili regime as well.”
He also criticized the authorities’ policies towards the secessionist regions.
“We were one step away from reclaiming one of our lost territories,” Okruashvili said, apparently referring to South Ossetia.
Several months before his resignation from the cabinet, Okruashvili said that he had planned to celebrate the 2007 New Year in Tskhinvali, the capital of breakaway South Ossetia. Commentators said that Saakashvili’s decision to move Okruashvili last November from the Defense Ministry to the Ministry of Economy was largely because of Okruashvili’s perceived hawkish stance on South Ossetia.
In his speech on September 25, Okruashvili said that “only Saakashvili’s weakness, inability and fear” had foiled plans to reclaim the secessionist region. He also said Saakashvili was too weak to take an unspecified “historic decision.”
He also criticized Tbilisi’s decision to create the provisional South Ossetia administration, led by Dimitri Sanakoev. Okruashvili said Sanakoev had no respect and authority among the population of the region. He also said that installing Sanakoev was “an imaginary attempt” to unite the country.
Okruashvili explained his decision to “quietly” quit the government without voicing his discontent was because of, as he put it, his sense of “civil responsibility.”
“Army officers, who are still my friends, asked me to do it quietly,” he said and added that by doing so he had denied the country’s enemies an opportunity to speculate on a split within the government.
Okruashvili admitted that he shared “the responsibility for some mistakes because I was also once part of this government.”
“I, however, have done nothing but good for my country when in government,” he added. “So any attempt to discredit me will fail.”
Towards the end of his speech, he implied that he might have presidential ambitions.
“Georgia will be united only if it has a president who doesn't humiliate and insult its own people,” Okruashvili said.
Throughout his speech, Okruashvili's fellow party members stood beside him. They include: lawmakers Tea Tlashadze, Ketevan Makharashvili, Koka Guntsadze, Gia Tortladze and Gia Tsagareishvili; former Deputy Defense Minister Levan Nikolaishvili and a lawyer, Eka Beselia.
Two former journalists from Rustavi 2 TV station, Nana Lezhava and Natia Lazashvili, were also there. Both quit the TV station shortly after Rustavi 2 changed hands last November following Okruashvili’s resignation.